Portugal in March, Belgium in May, Bulgaria in June ... Mouans-Sartoux’s meetings with the six partners continue during the second phase of BioCanteens project which started last December and is running until the end of 2020. This European program for the transfer of Mouans-Sartoux’s good practices should lead to actions that positively change the food policies of the regions involved. "Changes take time but we are doing well, says Nathan Begoc, the project monitor. Every situation is different. Italians and Portuguese, for example, are working on waste reduction and are about to create educational gardens in schools. In Bulgaria, a new central kitchen has opened, adapted to the local needs. In Belgium, social pricing of meals based on income is the main project."

Each partner is inspired by the others and progresses according to its own context. In the next steps, the seven territories will focus on sustainable public procurement with the help of an Urbact expert.

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