A vegetable producer and an aromatic and medicinal plant grower have taken up residence in the municipality's extended agricultural area. Other producers are expected.

Are you a candidate for installation? Welcome to Mouans-Sartoux! The city aims to develop the return of agriculture on its lands. The goal i to create jobs, of course, but also to revive local land and the maintenance of the landscape. It is mainly a question of achieving the objective of food governance.
In 2012, the city almost tripled the available agricultural area, from 40 to 112 hectares in the Local Urban Plan (PLU). Agricole potential is now estimated at 13 specific areaswhich can accommodate as many farmers. A market gardener and a producer of perfume plants are already installed,. The mission of MEAD is to amplify this movement.
Canteens need large volumes of organic production, as well as the local economy through its markets, restaurants and food retailing. In Mouans-Sartoux, you can either choose to make some small breeding (poultry, laying hens, cheese making), or vegetable production, aromatic plants, arboriculture: everything is possible provided that it is eaten and that it is produced according to the specifications of organic farming! The city makes it an unavoidable condition, and is committed to giving a helping hand. It adopted a deliberation in order to financially support organic farming facilities up to 20% of investments investments related to sustainable water management. The aid limit has been set at €12,000. On the other hand, private landlords and settlement candidates meet easily, while municipal land can still be rented.

An installation request form will soon be available on this page, to help candidates to inform the nature of their project and facilitate their conditions of reception. In the meantime, two regional organizations have put online guides forinstallation support, that can ask the right questions and refine the theoretical and technical projects:

Le guide de l’Association Régionale des Points Accueil Installation – Paca.

Aide à l’installation paysanne, par l’Adear Alpes-Maritimes.