The MEAD Team

Gilles Pérole, deputy mayor in charge of education in Mouans-Sartoux, is the creator of the local food program. Thanks to him, the strong municipal will evolves towards a bio, local, healthy and fair model. "Everybody can eat organic and local food anywhere in the country. It is only a matter of political vision.", he likes to repeat to his many visitors, elected officials and technicians.

Sébastien Jourde, the farmer who produces about 25 tonnes of organic vegetables a year at the Haute-Combe municipal farm. Hired in 2012, he lives on site with his family and he is now supported by two other municipal employees. Some other staff regularly help him, as sometimes school children come to pick up potatoes or tomatoes. In this way, children, people and employees often meet eachoter.

Agronomist engineer, Laureen Traclet is the project manager who coordinates MEAD project. She works with student trainees who benefit from a very practical training. Her role is to help to install new farmers, to spread the message of food sovereignty beyond the canteens, to follow the development of the domain of Haute-Combe. As you see, Laureen has a lot of work to do !

Lea Sturton, an agri-food engineer specializing in nutrition and quality, is in charge of food quality in Mouans-Sartoux. Bilingual, she is used to receiving foreign delegations, she presents the local project in english. She deals with several questions : the raising awareness among schoolchildren about sustainable food, the communication about good practices regarding food waste, procurement, menu development, monitoring food safety and hygiene issues...

Nathan Begoc, graduate in European project management, drives the monitoring the European BioCanteens skills transfer network. Hedeals coordination between the partners coming from 7 different countries that are interested in good food practices of Mouans-Sartoux. He is the communication manager of BioCanteens.

Dania Macias, graduate in environmental education engineering. She manages the pedagogical parcel of Haute-Combe with the creation of new spaces that will be used by the public, especially children. She coordinates sustainable school classes. The aim: participating, children and teachers, in the development of the garden in a process of learning and happiness.

Marine Estienne. Agricultural engineer, specialized in agriculture, food and territory.
She worked on the plan for assistance to agricultural facilities in the municipality (PAT : Territorial Food Project); she drives the Families Positive Food Challenge (Axis 3); she organizes thematic workshops (cooking, gardening ...), visits (farm, local shops ...) and events of the MEAD.

Thibaud Lalanne. Project coordinator of BioCanteens Transfer Network. He deals with transnational and local activities about Mouans-Sartoux project, as well as he ensures sound administrative and financial management. After several years spent in Brussels in European affairs-and suffering from vitamin D deficiency-, he decided to come by the sun and to use his european experience for the local project !