How to move from a local project to a global project that everyone can appropriate? The MEAD aims to make its experience anywhere else, without the need to duplicate its model. The only goal is to support the development of new solutions on the territories that wish to seize the food issue through the collective catering and to conquer their own governance. Assuming that concrete actions are worth more than declarations of intent. Elected officials and city agents take very seriously the project of sharing and transmitting good values and practices to their neighbors at the regional level, but also internationally, especially with the development of a European network of committed communities

Through this site, social networks (Facebook, Twitter), a brochure and a leaflet in French and English, a press review, Mouans-Sartoux shares its know-howwith many actors: the Urbact Agri-Urban European program, the OFSP -Organic Food System Program-, the association Un Plus Bio, etc.). MEAD disseminates its knowledge and actions to citizens and communities through meetings, workshops, exhibitions, official events, scientific debates, etc.