For a long time in Mouans-Sartoux, organic eating is a priority. First because of environmental protection, but not only. Also for the good health of guests, farmers, food governance, short supply chains, harmonious local economic development and the maintenance of the living landscape… Actually, the contents of the plates are a formidable revealer of civilization. If organic has become a deep social trend, Mouans-Sartoux did not wait for the fad to get in.

Since the 1st of January 2012, all children in schools, in kindergartens and the communal staff eat 100% organic. This approach is controlled and guaranteed each year by Ecocert, the creator of the first organic, local and sustainable collective catering label "En cuisine", a private specification that takes care of the purchase invoices and lists the ecological actions in the kitchen (types of cleaning products, home-made cooking, local bio products...). Mouans canteens have been labeled at the highest level since the beginning.

The introduction of bio began in 1999, in the time of the mad cow desease. The city decided to react by opting for organic beef. Many steps were taken afterwards, always keeping the same progression. Firstly by the choice to manage the canteens in a public way. Then came the creation of a kitchen by school group, the progressive introduction of organic products in the calls for tenders (23% in 2009, 73% in 2011). Mouans-Sartoux joined the network of Actives Cities in the National Health and Nutrition Program (PNNS). Last but not least, the city bought the municipal farm of Haute-Combe


  • 1999 4% organic: beef (mad cow crisis). Choice of a municipal catering
  • 2005 Mouans-Sartoux becomes PNNS Active City
  • 2006 "Eat and move well, it is good for you" Program. Revised menus to integrate seasonality
  • 2008 Project to create agricultural management. Beginning of the operation "a fruit for break time"
  • 2009 23% of bio: objectives of the French Environment Grenelle are overcame
  • 2010 First culture in municipal farm. First weighings of leftover food
  • 2011 73.6% organic, 75% reduction in food waste. Hiring the farmer under public contract as official. Setting up differentiated portions at the self-service
  • 2012 100% organic (first city in France with more than 10,000 inhabitants at this level). New local development plan with triply agricultural surfaces. Creation of the Observatory of Sustainable Restoration
  • 2013 The city becomes a founding member of the Organic Food Territories Un Plus Bio. It wins the first prize of the "Trophy of eco-mayors" for sustainable bio restoration
  • 2014 Municipal deliberation creating an aid for the installation of organic farmers. Labeling "In Cuisine" level 3 of the restoration by Ecocert
  • 2015 Mouans-Sartoux signing the manifesto for organic, local, healthy and fair collective catering "When canteens rebel"
  • 2016 First vegetable freezing experience. Creation of the MEAD (Center For Sustainable Food Education)
  • 2017 Creation of the university diploma "sustainable food project manager"
  • 2018: launch on 25 January of the European Club "Organic Food Territories" in Mouans-Sartoux, with Un Plus Bio.