Nathan Begoc, BioCanteens Project animator.

How to reach more public beyond the young pupilsinvolved in 100% organic canteens? One of the answers seems to be the first meeting, on February 25th, of the Local Group for Sustainable Food. Coordinated by two facilitators of MEAD Nathan Begoc and Thibaud Lalanne, this project inspired by the European program Biocanteens aims to associate population in the process of a better knowledge and use of the sustainable resources of the territory.

And Thibaud Lalanne, BioCanteens Project Leader.

Fifteen people responded to this first invitation where two topics were discussed: the definition of sustainable food, its perceptions, its interest, and the identification of places that physically express this approach on the territory. Other open exchanges and co-construction workshops are planned in the coming weeks, allowing everyone to freely express their ideas and points of view about Mouans-Sartoux food project development.

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