Educational gardens, excellent support for learning the descent of food.

The teacher Cathy Rinaudo

Real green kids. During one week, pupils from Cathy Rinaudo's class in Aimé-Legall elementary school, made many things : they put their hands in the ground, they harvested, cleaned, cooked and ate organic vegetables. They also discovered a beekeeper and the role of bees, they recycled green waste by vermicomposting, they apprehended good associations between aromatic and vegetables in the garden...
From May to June, several classes did the same in Mouans and were immersed in the territorial food project led by the MEAD in Haute-Combe. Teachers, caregivers and children left school to experience a different collective action. "This is a unique opportunity to introduce the young Mouansois all the educational potential to work closer to nature but also to meet professionals whose job is related to the food project", said Cathy Rinaudo.

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