They prepared two organic meals for 30 people.

They are often thought of as being addicted to their mobile, letting themselves be swept away by street food culture, random snacking and fast -but not so good- food. This common misconception is defeated since the last holidays for some of Mouans-Sartoux teenagers, . In addition to manual activities, sports, board games and outings, 25 youngsters responded to the crazy challenge launched by the animation team in connection with the MEAD: preparing from start to end two 100% organic meals for thirty people.

The challenge, a great success called "an almost perfect lunch", allowed to combine pedagogy and investigation: discovery of organic specifications, seasonality, budget, recipes. Teens even went as far as transforming the place into a real dining room with a nature inspired setting.

Lists of ingredients in hand, they went shopping while respecting the allocated budget. They returned to the kitchen with baskets full of freshness to prepare two menus:
1) Tuna, corn and endive salad with homemade vinaigrette. Chicken and rice in coconut sauce, fruit skewer and warm chocolate.
2) Goat cheese and honey toasts, pasta in two ways (salmon or carbonara sauce), fruit salad.

Who said that education for sustainable food was boring?

A real perfect organic lunch !

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