The end of the Challenge is always an opportunity to spend a moment of celebration together.

Second Families for Positive Eating Program ended last wednesday, June 19th. Eat better, more organic and local, recognize the good products and specialized shops, eating more efficiently without spending more: participants and stakeholders met at the area of ​ Haute-Combe to share their experience. 21 families took part this year in the challenge that brought them together, every month, in various thematic workshops: cooking vegetable proteins, discovering anti-waste actions, visiting an organic citrus orchard, gardening. The challenge is a great success because of the level of attendance and the change in eating habits that result.

Participants increased their consumption of organic products by 26%, which represents up to 79% of purchases for the winning team. The goal aimed to contain price of the meals, this challenge is a success as well because families have observed a decrease of 26 cents on average. A good way to contest false arguments criticizing the presumed expansive price of a better quality food.

MEAD and the City thank families and stakeholders for their involvement in this action and are already planning a third challenge next year.

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