Located at Haute-Combe, the parcel devoted to environmental education and gardening practice welcomes five classes of kindergarten. Children discover lands, crops and farmer's job. Two working sessions happened last October and December. The first time, they picked what the late summer crops offered: tomatoes, squash, peppers, zucchini. The children cut up the vegetables on the spot that will be frozen and will soon finish in soup on the occasion of a cooking session.

Put your hand in the dough, and reconnect to the ground.

Diana Macias, MEAD employee (House of Education for Sustainable Food), coordinates the educational project. She teaches how to identify trees from the form of autumn leaves collected on the ground. The students met apricot tree, Judas tree, shiny privet, laurel sauce or euodia, a kinfd of honey tree. On the plot, a group of Scouts came to settle six new crops that kindergarten children then inaugurated with the first vegetable plantations: chard, spinach, lamb's lettuce, chives and a medicinal aromatic, yarrow . "We are working on the association of flowers and plants to show the interactions between species. The children are very young, the message is simplified but it's a good start »says Diana. New plantings will soon occur, in this mild and Mediterranean climate that allows to work the land even in winter. 2019 will also be the year ofexploration for green classes for a whole week at the régie. Several teachers are candidates for these original outings. Sure that with this, toddlers will enjoy leaving their chair to breathe outdoors !

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