Official inauguration by Mayor Pierre Aschieri.

Ça y est, tout est en place pour accueillir, animer, échanger, enseigner, essaimer. Et très bientôt aussi pour cuisiner, avec les élèves des classes d’alimentation durable comme premiers stagiaires/chefs à partir du 6 mai. Le 17 janvier, lors du during the second session of the "sustainable food project manager" university program, the MEAD inaugurated this integrated space on the ground floor of the venerable building of Haute-Combe municipal farm. Elected officials, many partners and the president of the Côte d'Azur University came to inaugurate this brand new place.

Therefore the municipal farm, the educational garden for children and social grocery beneficiaries and the premises of the MEAD are located on the same place. It means a new physical identity and a valuable tool to lead the sustainable food project of Mouans-Sartoux!

Many friends and partners.

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