Food marketplaces deals

Organic food in Mouans-Sartoux is made possible by the municipal farm. But this autonomy only concerns organic and local vegetables that are the pride of kitchen teams and guests. For the rest, it is necessary to stock up on the markets.

La commune a divisé son marché alimentaire en lots afin de favoriser la réponse de petits producteurs. Le montant de ce marché s’établit is approximately 240 000 € each year for a little over 150,000 meals per year. A cost depuis quelques années.
By building the market, the city is also careful to contain its budgets. Purchasing large volumes in bulk rather than portions, looking at the price of food at the time of order (the mercurial), definition of short-term food menus to take advantage of price changes, great attention to seasonality.

The selection criteria do not only focus on the food prices: first 40% go to quality (traceability, maturation and diversity), 30% to price and 30% to environmental value (production, packaging, transport, educational). To give chance local operators to access the market without infringing the right to free European competition, various tips have been devised, such as the possibility of visiting the farm or the processing workshop within a pedagogical framework. Eating 100% organic requires more vigilance and requires good choices at the right time.

Here are some examples of the specifications of the calls for tender of beef, eggs and dairy products and frozen food.