Fifteen families are committed to changing dietary practices by participating in many workshops.

Launched by the association Corabio, the Positive Food Families Challenge is inspired by the Positive Energy Families Challenge. The goal is to demonstrate in a user-friendly way that we can have a tasty food, organic and local, without increasing its budget.
In Mouans-Sartoux, in association with the association Agribio06, a beautiful program regarding evolution of the food practices of fifteen families started on September 29, 2017. It was organized by Cindy Hazaroglu, young dietician nutritionist in civic service. Until May 2018, voluntary households have themselves to a kind of major awareness-raising course, both theoretical and practical., in order to bring more bio and local food into their diet. Eight workshops have been devised, in which the candidates for change participate:

  1. Dietetics and food balance
  2. Entering all cash receipts and information on meals taken at home
  3. Visits to local outlets offering sustainable food (a guide was given to know all the stores in the area).
  4. Decryption of food labeling
  5. Cooking class to promote the place of good quality proteins including legumes
  6. Introduction to gardening, from the balcony to the kitchen garden
  7. Reduction of food waste
  8. Farm visits to discover the practices of local producers.

Three families teams are coached by a designated captain. At the end of the program, a symbolic ceremony will distinguish the families most involved in bio, local and homemade… for no more expensive. We know indeed that 85% of the parents, inspired by municipal politics in collective restoration, said at the last survey 2016 to have changed their food shopping at home.


Here is the video of the Challenge.

A new 2018-2019 edition is planned. If you live in Mouans-Sartoux and are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact us with your contact details, the number and the age of the people in your household.